Conservation initiative for the upper end of the Aconcagua basin

Parque Andino Juncal (PAJ) is a 13.796 ha private protected area located in the south-east border of the Valparaiso Region. Most of the glaciers in this reserve, with their corresponding hydrological systems, are the source of the Aconcagua watershed. In May of 2010, this reserve was declared as the 12th protected site by the International Convention on Wetlands Ramsar in Chile. PAJ thus became the first private protected reserve to be awarded a Ramsar denomination in Latin America, and the only reserve that preserves high Andean wetlands in Central Chile.

We work hand in hand with the land owners, traditional shepherds, local and international organizations to develop a mountain research center in Parque Andino Juncal. This field-based mountain lab will focus on research of Andean ecosystems, as well as on the cultural dimensions and human relationships of the Andes mountain range.

Our goal is to empower the commmunities of this mountain basin throug reaseach and education related to conservation, ecological restoration and climate change adaptation. Furthermore, as secondary goal we seek to bring the local communities and the land owners closer together to facilitate a harmonious and symbiotic relationship in order to secure the continuity and sustainability of Parque Andino Juncal.