Club Andino Pirque (CAP) is a community nonprofit organization from Pirque district.

The main objective of the organization is to promote the development of sports and mountain activities in Pirque and its surroundings, as a tool for the effective protection of the natural heritage of the district. (

A central axis to develop this objective is the environmental education. With the understanding of environmental education as an approach to the cultural change of ending with anthropocentric behaviors and start with the interaction and understanding of the importance of our environment and the raising the awareness and sensitizing people to really get effective change.

Club Andino Pirque aims to work with the community of the Cordillera Province, mainly with children and young people, based on environmental education activities and personal development that strengthen the relationship with the natural environment, recognizing their components and valuing the benefits deliver us.

We work directly with this organization to promote their environmental education activities outdoor and mountain sports in Pirque, supporting their initiatives as a platform to raise funds and capacities for the success of its objetives.

Our goal is to support the continuity of the environmental outdoor education programs that Club Andino Pirque has developed for 7 years in the Cordillera province of the Metropolitan Region.