The guanaco is a native wild camelid from South America.

This project aims at the conservation of guanacos in the mountains of the Valparaiso Region and Metropolitan Region. This emblematic native specie of the Andes is threatened in both regions despite the efforts of study and protection still their condition is delicate, mainly due to poaching that persists.

In recent years have created new opportunities for the viability of their populations, in particular we refer to new private protected areas that have emerged in the central mountains of Chile, thanks to these areas there is a new possibility for the populations of guanaco that in recent years have been increasing thanks to conservation efforts and management measures for that purpose.

We are working as an NGO in a bi-national initiative to preserve the guanaco in the Chilean and Argentine protected areas in this part of the mountain range, developing awareness of the situation of the Guanaco in these regions and generate information that will help in their efforts to conservation, working with government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, communities and owners of the Argentine and Chilean mountain range areas.

Our plan is to raise territorial necessary information through censuses and geographical on both sides of the mountain chain for understand the dynamics of this species and thus efficiently target conservation and management measures.

Today we are coordinated with conservation organizations in Mendoza, Argentina academics and owners of Chilean andean areas of the Valleys of Maipo and Aconcagua to begin our plan late in 2015.